Foodventurous: Eatery A

My husband is such a good sport.  I love to try new restaurants and so does he … as long as the menu is within his comfort zone.  And every so often, he will humor me and try something out of our comfort zone.  This was the case when we went to Eatery A in Des Moines.  He was comforted by the fact that wood-fired pizza is one of their main menu categories!

This place is unassuming from the outside and warm and inviting on the inside … I mean, what’s not to love about decor focused on reclaimed wood and a huge wood-burning oven visible from the front door (and just about everywhere else in the restaurant)?

Reviewing the menu, I think my husband got a bit hesitant.  I got excited!  Grapes … goat cheese …guanciale … jalapeno jam … ON PIZZA!  Foodie heaven.  One thing that really caught my attention though was the Chorizo Stuffed Dates on their “Delicacies” menu … wrapped in bacon and served on pepper coulis with naan bread.

Eatery A’s Chorizo Stuffed Dates

This was the highlight of my meal.  I love it when I try something new and the first bite makes me just stop with the food in my mouth, close my eyes and savor the flavors.  I’m always glad to open my eyes and see that I still have more on my plate!

The pizza was very good and there are other pizzas on their menu that I really want to try (chorizo-pineapple-jalapeno jam for starters) but I could really make a meal off their “Delicacies”!   My “good sport” husband was a little out of his comfort zone but had to agree that this was a great place to share dinner and make his wife happy.

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