Bread and Cheese

A couple weeks ago, a story on a national news morning show caught my attention. It featured a high school student who had reached the limit of debt on his/her lunch account and instead of the usual school lunch, received a “sandwich of shame”. It was bread and cheese. Other students and parents, as well as many, many people across the United States, were outraged, using words like “mortifying” and “embarrassing” and “offensive” to describe the “humiliation” of such a thing.

Snow and Spaghetti

It is one of those near perfect winter days in Iowa … cold but not windy, bright even though it’s not sunny, enough snow on the ground to sparkle and make everything clean. These are the days that make me think back on my fondest sledding memories.

We didn’t have snowsuits or temperature rated snow boots. We had layers upon layers of whatever we could find. Talk about a work-out! We trudged up and down hills, crunching through the crusty top layer of snow, down through the depth of whatever was in the way of us getting back to the starting point. Our sleds were a colorful plastic sheet that rolled up on us as soon as we fell off or wiped out.

What does this have to do with spaghetti?


A good picnic requires only a healthy appreciation for good food and good company. It is simple and relaxing. Who you share it with may be a crowd of people, your intimate family, one special someone or even the person you know best…yourself. The purpose