Shrimp/Fish Tacos: The Grocery List

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What do you focus on in this picture? Is it the shrimp? Fish? Or do you linger on the mango salsa or pico de gallo? Does the guacamole call you to grab the chips and forget the rest?

Does this look like a lot of work for one meal?

Would it help if I told you one of these items was a leftover from another meal?

When we look at recipes, we often gauge how difficult it will be to make by how long the recipe is or how many ingredients are listed. If I made this one big recipe, it would list over 20 ingredients. But if I break it down into individual components, each has only 3-8 simple ingredients.

Time? Sure. There is quite a bit of prep work, though none of it is difficult. Some of it can be done by kids/spouses/friends, and a lot of it can be done ahead of time. Having everything on hand is always the hardest part … I made a last minute trip to the store because I discovered I was out of onions. Seriously? Onions? I use onions almost every day! How could I be out of onions?!? WHO forgot to put ONIONS on my list?!?!

Sorry … allowed my frustrations from yesterday to tarnish my oh-so-motivational script.

In an effort to convince anyone out there who thinks this meal is beyond their culinary abilities, I am going to break this down over several days. Today’s blog will simply list of all the ingredients needed to make this meal. Tomorrow’s will focus on the shrimp and fish and, finally, end the week with the salsas and guacamole.

Take a look at the list of ingredients below, see what you have and what you need to get (don’t forget to add onions to your list), and set aside time this weekend to enjoy!


1-2 pounds raw shrimp (51/60 ct)
1-2 pounds tilapia
corn tortillas
1 yellow and/or purple onion
2-3 roma tomatoes
1 green and/or red pepper
1 jalapeno pepper
shredded cabbage/kale/romaine

fresh garlic
fresh cilantro
1-2 limes
1-2 fresh mangos
olive oil or avocado oil
salt & pepper

Spice Rack Staples
(not required for this recipe but great for “emergencies”)

Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
Dried Cilantro
Ground Cumin
Favorite Taco Seasoning

Produce Note: Avocados and mangos are for me the hardest items to pick out at the store. The mango I used in the picture above was much more ripe than I thought so it looks a little mushy … but it tasted great! Google is awesome … click here (watch the video) to learn how to pick just the right avocado and click here to learn how to choose mangos!

Seafood Note: I live in the middle of Iowa … the middle of the U.S. … fresh fish and shrimp are available but I am not ashamed to say I keep frozen on hand. I am envious of those who have easy access to fresh without the great penalty of price. Sometimes I splurge on fresh when it looks especially good and I can use it that day. Most of the time I use frozen, deveined shrimp. If you roll your eyes at this, I will introduce you to the most amazing NW Iowa sweet corn sometime this summer.

See you tomorrow!

Mango Salsa and Pico de Gallo

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