The Meatball Files

I think there is going to be a meatball renaissance. Call it a hunch. In fact, we’re going to lead the parade. Let’s #MakeMeatballsGreatAgain.

A lot of people hear the word “meatball” and instantly feel like yawning. Not me. My first thought is “What kind of meatballs?” I have seen how hamburgers have become the latest craze for creativity. What is a meatball but a ground up burger, bun and all? Why shouldn’t it be as trendy as its cousin?

Where do we begin…

Meatballs 101
Traditional Italian Meatballs
Sweet and Sour Meatballs
Buffalo Chicken Meatballs
Cuban Meatballs
Gyro Meatballs
Gyro Meatballs
Thanksgiving Meatballs