Foodventurous: Austin

About six months ago, I received an e-mail from my oldest son that said something like, “Hey Mom! This sounds like you!” Attached was a link to a food blogger conference to be held in Austin, Texas. My first reaction was laughter. After all, I’m a rookie. My second reaction was shock. Am I such a rookie that I didn’t even think that there might be conferences for bloggers? And specifically food bloggers? My third reaction was curiosity.

I clicked the link.

April … Austin … food … oh yeah, better check out the agenda! Continue reading “Foodventurous: Austin”

12 Plates of Pork

Have you ever entered a contest on social media by commenting on, liking, and/or sharing a post? Will you enter pretty much any contest? Do you only enter those with a prize that you really want? Or do you scroll past it thinking “I never win those things.” Continue reading “12 Plates of Pork”

Exploring SW Colorado

August in Colorado = a perfect vacation for a foodie and her fly fisherman husband.

Our vacation was decided when we were introduced to a place where guided peach orchards meet guided fly-fishing trips. Three nights at the lodge of Black Canyon Anglers (near Delta, CO) and three nights in Ouray (a town known as “The Switzerland of America”) would make for an amazing trip to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary! Continue reading “Exploring SW Colorado”

Foodventurous: Farmer’s Market

It’s one of my favorite times of year. Yesterday marked the first day that produce vendors line the streets of downtown Des Moines just hours after Court Ave announced last call. After the cold winter months, the various food tents are a welcome sight, and I wasted no time in making what was the first of many summer trips to the downtown area. It’s Farmer’s Market season! Continue reading “Foodventurous: Farmer’s Market”

Foodventurous: Glazed and Infused

The morning after witnessing a heart-breaking loss requires some serious medicine. We made the trip to Chicago last weekend to watch our Cyclones play in the NCAA Sweet 16 at the United Center. Everywhere we went, we saw the Cardinal and Gold of ISU fans. Even ran into college buddies right on the streets! It’s why they started calling the United Center “Hilton East”.

Only it wasn’t.

It just wasn’t meant to be.

There were a lot of sad Cardinal-and-Gold-wearing people on the streets the next morning. We had noticed a place a couple blocks from our hotel with the word “Glazed” on the sign and assumed doughnuts had to be involved. We were not disappointed.

We walked into the door of “Glazed and Infused” and saw that we were in an area shared by the doughnut shop, a restaurant (Davanti Enoteca) and a hotel lobby (Courtyard by Marriott). There were about 20-25 people in line for doughnuts and every person that came out told us it is well worth the wait. So we got in line. Some people chose to sit down in the restaurant which offered made-to-order breakfast, a bloody mary bar and ability to order doughnuts with breakfast from the table. If you waited in line, you could then sit at a few of the tables between the restaurant and the hotel lobby. It was awesome!

After we had waited our turn and spoken with a few fellow broken-hearted ISU fans, we reached the counter and decision-time.

Blueberry Lemon
Black Raspberry Cheesecake
Maple Bacon
Boston Cream

… and who can resist a handsome server hoisting trays of goodness!

Back on topic … my final compliment for this place will be praise for its signs.

I want the “lard” sign in my kitchen and I want to be back to Chicago tomorrow for April Fool’s Day!

Let’s just say the next time I get to visit Chicago, I know where I would like to stay and eat.

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