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Cozy Cocoa

Cozy Cocoa

This recipe uses simple ingredients to make delicious hot cocoa that will warm you from the inside out! Choose flavorings that suit your cozy mood.

Drinking in summer

Memorial Day Weekend is here and with it, the start of summer. Lakes will be home to countless boats, ballparks will be filled with teams of all ages and grills will be loaded with meats from every which animal. Regardless of where you are, you’ll probably have (or at least want) a drink in your hand.

A summer favorite in our family has always been a cold glass of iced tea or an Arnold Palmer. It’s cold and light. I’d be lying if I said one of the reasons I like it isn’t because you can make it by filling a jug with tea bags and water and leaving it on the deck for the afternoon.

As with many beverages, iced tea is better with alcohol.

Recapping our first homebrew experience

With today being such a great day, let’s talk about a beverage/hobby/topic that is near and dear to my heart. It’s National Homebrew Day! Hi everyone; my name is Nick, and I’ll be your pilot this evening. I’m typically around the blog monitoring feedback and 


A good picnic requires only a healthy appreciation for good food and good company. It is simple and relaxing. Who you share it with may be a crowd of people, your intimate family, one special someone or even the person you know best…yourself. The purpose