Perfect Gift Baskets for People Who Like to Eat

Perfect Gift Baskets for People Who Like to Eat

Finding just the right gift for someone can often be a struggle. We want the recipient to feel special. We want the gift to be thoughtful. There’s always the threat of giving something they can’t use or already have. Now add the budgeting aspect and it’s easy to consider throwing in the towel! What if “throwing in the towel” is actually a good idea? It is when it’s a dish towel! Everyone likes and needs to eat. Consider creating a consumable gift basket that is customized for the recipient’s personal preferences … or should we say, “tastes”?

I am going to show you 12 food-themed gift basket ideas. For each one, you will see the items I have selected but I will also mention other items to consider to make the gift perfectly suited for the person you have in mind. Adding, eliminating, and/or replacing items will allow you to create a beautiful, thoughtful, delicious gift in the price range of your choosing.

Also, each of these baskets features a copy of my book: Because He First Fed Us. Of course, you can swap this out for a favorite cookbook or magazine. Before you do though … I’d be most grateful if you’d click that link and check out what I’ve written. It’s all about meals, memories, family, faith, and the love language of food.

One more thing … I have a free gift for you! I have taken some of the illustrations from my book and turned them into 3″x3″ gift tags (see examples in the photos below). Just click here to open the pdf file. You can then save the pdf. This file can be printed on any color, 8.5″x11″ card stock. I send or take the file to my local printer for better image quality. Simply cut along the faded lines and fold each card in half. The inside is blank for your personal message.


Foodie Gift Tags


Let’s get started!





This simple but oh-so-comforting basket contains some coffee beans (bonus points if you know the recipient’s favorite blend), chocolate-covered espresso beans, a mug with a message, and some Stroopwafles. I chose this mug from Cup of Time, a company on a mission to encourage better communication between family members. Because really … is there any better gift than our time?

Also consider: flavored coffee syrups, napkins, coffee cake mix, cute spoons, a milk frother, gift card to a coffee shop.




Pizza Gift Basket


I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like pizza. I’m sure they exist … and there are 11 other basket ideas to consider if you know one of them. For everyone else, this is a winner! Cute napkins, some good quality olive oil, Italian seasoning, pizza crusts or crust mix, and the thing that puts it all over the top: a fresh basil plant.

Also consider: pizza pan or stone, apron, garlic press, cheese grater or microplane, prosciutto or pepperoni, gift card from a pizza place.




Lemonade Gift Basket

Bright and cheery, this lemonade-themed collection will be received with a big smile: pretty napkins, sparkling lemonade, straws, a lemon juicer, fresh lemons, and a few lemon candies It is the perfect way to thank your host, welcome someone into the neighborhood, celebrate a happy occasion, or just brighten someone’s day.

Also consider: a pitcher instead of a tray, reusable straws, a potted mint plant, a whisk, dish towel embroidered with lemons, a decorative sign featuring lemons.




Chef Gift Basket


What do you give someone who loves to cook? This assortment of gourmet ingredients, fresh herbs, and kitchen gadgets will pique their curiosity. Choose some unique products like the Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar, the Pink Grapefruit White Balsamic Vinegar, and Merquen Crushed Pepper Flakes (pictured here) from a specialty grocery store or companies like AllSpice Culinarium or Pickle Creek Herbs. Add in a couple utensils or gadgets like the olive wood spoon, a microplane, salt and pepper shakers, and cheesecloth.

Also consider: a gift card to a specialty or international food store, flavored salt or pepper blends, an apron, pot holders. Never hesitate to ask for ideas or trending items while shopping.




Soup and Comfort Gift Basket


There are certain times and seasons that call for a basket or bag of comfort. This simple collection says “Get Well Soon” or “I’m Thinking of You” without saying a word. Including a pretty spoon rest or package of napkins is a reminder of your care and concern long after the soup is gone. Start with a package of soup mix and add some crackers and/or corn bread mix.

Also consider: any ingredients needed to complete the soup (see package directions for ideas), a ladle, tea, a soup mug, napkins, a loaf of fresh bread, ramen.




Charcuterie Gift Basket

It’s all the craze … or should I say “graze”? Charcuterie is so popular and rightfully so! There’s something for everyone and a pretty board invites conversation and curiosity. This beautiful combination starts with a stunning, handmade charcuterie board from This New Old House. When you want to give more than a consumable gift, give a keepsake. Building on the theme, I’ve added a bottle of wine, some wine stoppers, cheese markers, a delicious fig spread, some cheese sticks, pistachios, and chocolate.

Also consider: dried fruit, fancy mustards, homemade jam or jelly, cheese knives, artisanal crackers, olives, cloth napkins, small tongs or fun toothpicks. It is also a good idea, when giving a charcuterie board, to include a small bottle or can of food-safe cutting board oil.




Kitchen Chic Gift Basket

One day, while browsing the isles in Hobby Lobby, I spotted this adorable rooster potholder. That 50% off gets me EVERY time! It adds that pop of color to this Kitchen Essentials basket. And those wooden measuring spoons? Yep … Hobby Lobby. Add in a pretty or aptly named bag of coffee, a small jar of honey, and a favorite or unique chocolate bar, and this basket is ready for a hostess, birthday, or Mother’s Day gift.

Also consider: tea, napkins, tea towels, hand soap, jam or jelly, a package of cookies.




Wine Gift Basket

Whether you start with a bottle of their favorite wine or one that you chose because the label sends a message, the wine-lover in your life will appreciate your thoughtfulness. For this basket, I chose some wine bottle stoppers, cheese crackers, and a canister of Wine Away stain remover (what can I say … sometimes wine happens).

Also consider: fun napkins, wine charms, coasters, cheese knives, corkscrew, gift card to a wine shop or winery.




Bees and Honey Theme Gift


Small touches mean everything. These tiny honey dipper sticks are wonderfully cute but also functional. Tie one onto a jar of local honey and a package of bee napkins and watch the smile appear! A variety of honey dipper sticks are available on Amazon.

Also consider: Expand the gift into a basket by adding other varieties of honey (like whipped honey which is amazing), Burt’s Bees lip balm and/or lotion, a beeswax candle.




Dish Washing Gift Basket

When invited to someone’s home for a party or a stay, you know they will have a lot of cleaning up to do after you leave. Why not make that process a little brighter? Pick out a fresh-smelling dish soap, a beautiful flour-sack towel, some microfiber dish cloths, and a bottle scrubber.

Also consider: dish towels, Swedish dishcloths, some fun dish scrubbers like these. Instead of the wire basket, a large dishtowel could be used to wrap up the other gifts.




Simple Hospitality Gift


Hospitality gifts don’t need to be elaborate. This napkin holder makes a beautiful foundation for pretty napkins and a book or magazine.

Also consider: napkin rings, place cards, a recipe journal, conversation starter cards.




Breakfast Gift Basket

Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, hot pancakes are a tasty way to say “You Are Loved!” Adding a pretty jar of quality maple syrup, a bag of mini chocolate chips, and a pretty hand towel, sets the recipient up for a comforting meal.

Also consider: a whisk, a spatula, Nutella or peanut butter, bananas, jam or jelly, an apron.




Gift Basket Bases


Be creative when it comes to the foundation of your gift basket. Consider options other than a traditional basket. We’ve shown examples using charcuterie boards, napkin holders, and traditional gift bags. Some other ideas would be a pie plate, a colander, or even a cardboard box covered with wrapping, butcher, or chalkboard paper.


Making a Gift Box


Although it wasn’t shown in pictures, almost all of these “baskets” would be wrapped in cellophane to keep all the items together. Most stores that carry wrapping and tissue paper will also carry cellophane gift bags which make “wrapping” up a basket much easier. They are inexpensive and easy to pull up around a variety of baskets.




Because He First Fed Us


There is one more thing I would like to share with you why I think my book makes such a good gift: each of the baskets above have a connection to one of the devotions in this book. A couple (Simple Hospitality and Kitchen Essentials) have a general mealtime connection but most have a direct relationship. These particular devotions are:

Cream or Sugar? – Coffee / Honey & Bees
For the Love of Pizza
– Pizza
Lemonade Stands
– Lemonade
The Dishwashing Feud
– Dish Washing
Pancake Sundays
– Pancakes
– Wine
Muscle Memory
– Aspiring Chef
Stone Soup
– Soup


Now go and make someone’s day!

And don’t forget to download your free gift tags!



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