Vintage Chicken Feeder Fall Tablescape

Vintage Chicken Feeder Fall Tablescape

Won’t you please join me for dinner? That is what I hope guests at our house will subconsciously hear the minute they step into our dining room. Whether a cozy Sunday dinner or a Thanksgiving family feast, this fall tablescape is casual enough to be comfortable and sophisticated enough to say “you are special”!



Fall Tablescape Inspiration

This old chicken feeder has been patiently waiting in our garage for quite some time. In fact, it sat there until my neighbor asked me to come over and help her figure out a new centerpiece for her table. She raises chickens and she has a lovely rectangular table. On my way out the door, I saw this feeder just begging for a second chance. I grabbed it and, although it was too big and a little too rustic for her space, she could see how something like it would work.

Don’t tell her but I’m so glad it didn’t work! I brought it home, grabbed my favorite plaid table runner and plopped it right on our table. It was then time to start grabbing dishes.



Plates, Napkins & Glasses

These woven chargers are my favorite. It does not matter if it is winter, spring, summer or fall, they are beautiful. Their texture and warmth ground both formal and informal place-settings. White plates are so versatile. Purchasing sets of seasonal and whimsical salad plates to use with the white dinner plates is less expensive and really brings the place setting to life. Paper napkins with a small, simple pattern add color but do not distract from the rest of the setting.



For a little more color and uniqueness, I chose to use these gold midcentury modern goblets instead of my normal glassware. Using collectable or inherited pieces in your tablescape encourages conversation.



Fill the Centerpiece

At this point, I knew I wanted muted colors in the centerpiece to play off the table runner. Eucalyptus, like the runner and the chargers, is perfect for all seasons. The old, blue Mason jars not only added soft color, but shine and reflection from the battery-operated light string and the candles. It’s a little hard to see but each of the larger jars has a clear glass votive holder suspended from its opening which holds the votive candles. This is an old trick I learned from my mother-in-law which elevates the flame above the other decor. It also works when you want to draw attention to something displayed inside jars.



After trying to insert a few accent stems, it was obvious some kind of filler was needed inside the feeder to hold things in place.



Can you see them? We have a Buckeye tree in our yard … perfect size, perfect color and a never-ending supply!



Personal Touches

If you want your guests to feel special, draw them to the table with personal touches. I found these simple, white, individual cake stands on sale at Hobby Lobby. By placing a beautiful cupcake or serving of dessert on each stand, guests can set them aside for after the meal or fully embrace the “eat dessert first” mentality!

One way to simplify your preparations is to buy the dessert. These cupcakes came from my friend’s daughter. They are almond cupcakes with almond frosting (which she tinted to match a picture I sent her of the centerpiece) and a sugared sage leaf. Gorgeous!

You could also consider placing a small appetizer, a party favor (like Lori’s Sugar and Spice Pecans), or even a big, shiny green apple on each.

Oh my goodness … just came to me … those gourmet caramel apples would be a show-stopper!



I love real flowers. Even though most of the flowers in my garden had not survived our first frost, these little marigolds are tough and beautiful. One flower with big color inside a tiny, antique salt shaker adds a simple touch of nature at each plate.



As guests gather around the table, let them nibble away at a small appetizer. These individual charcuterie boards, one on each end of the centerpiece hold dried apricots, pumpkin crackers and some honey-sesame cashews. Choose small bites that compliment the meal or are seasonal favorites.



More Fall Tablescape Suggestions

What makes this fall tablescape work is that it is full of items I love and had on hand. The white cake stands were the only new thing I purchased. When I do buy something new, I try to choose items that are neutral. I LOVE all the trendy items but they accumulate and go out of style. Embrace those trends by using disposable plates or napkins.

Before purchasing a new table runner, look through what you have. Perhaps you have a tablecloth that could be folded in thirds. Dig through the scarves in your closet. Blanket scarves make amazing table runners! Do you have depression glass or inherited china that you just can’t figure out how to incorporate? Start laying these items on the table and look for ways to blend them.

Using neutrals has the added benefit of transitioning into the next season without much effort. Imagine this table after Thanksgiving. Replace the gold glassware with clear water glasses and/or wine stemware. Swap out the orange votive candles for red. Keep the eucalyptus garland and the little green “puffs” but trade the orange pumpkins and pods for some red berry stems and maybe a few small poinsettia flowers? Or maybe a string of popcorn and cranberries? Those cupcakes will have been eaten anyway so now top each stand with an individual pie or mini bundt cake.

Can you see it?

I’ll do my best to show you how mine turns out after Thanksgiving!

Until then friends, have a blessed fall season. Eat well and be well!


P.S. If you have items that you want to use on your table but struggle to make them work, email me ( some descriptions and pics and I’ll try to help you get started! 




5 thoughts on “Vintage Chicken Feeder Fall Tablescape”

  • I LOVE this idea! Normally, I steer far and wide from “farm” things but this really took me back and I found myself actually wanting to embrace my upbringing. My parents raised chickens for “dressing,” as they called it. IONS, ago
    I loved the salt shaker with the flower idea the most – how simple, yet elegant. My table isn’t this large, although it could be. I wonder whether there’s a smaller version. ? I must say – my immediate family will think I’ve lost it if I pull this off (but my parents would be smiling down!).
    Be on the lookout, Anita, and I’ll have my sister be on the look, too. Thanks! This is simply gorgeous! How lucky are YOUR guests?!

    • Awww thank you Dawn! 😊 my neighbor ended up getting a a metal piece that looks similar but is new and a bit smaller and it looks great on her table!

      • That’s exactly what I need! If you find another one like that, let me know. Thanks, Anita!

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