Life Lessons: Cherry Pie Soup

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Earlier this week, my posts focused on the fusion of the mathematic infinite constant Pi (3.1415…) celebrated on March 14 (3/14) with all things pie (for those of you non-food-nerds). The first post highlighted the “Never Fail Pie Crust“. Then we filled that flaky crust with an experiment-turned-new-favorite Apple Pie recipe.

Now I will throw myself under the food truck and share one of my family’s favorite “Mom’s Food Fails” stories. It happens. Not everything that is made with heart, with love, with effort, turns out well. The beauty of these failures is the story that lasts forever.

Learn to laugh at yourself.

Allow your family to laugh at you, but not at your expense.

Teach your kids that failure is a matter of perspective.

Mind you, I was not laughing when this happened. The laughter came later.

My husband’s favorite pie is cherry. I am not a big cherry fan (I’m getting there), so I do not cook or bake with them often. My neighbor had a wonderful cherry tree and she would allow me to pick cherries after she had picked what she could reach and use. I was going to make my husband proud and serve him a cherry pie!


He. Was. PROUD!


And then we cut into it.

I wasn’t smiling anymore.

The inside of the pie was complete SOUP. Liquid with cherries floating in it.

I was crushed. My family was holding back laughter (kudos to them). I was ready to pour it down the drain (literally) when my husband (bless his heart … and his love for cherries) said: “How does it taste?”

I had focused so much on the way it was supposed to turn out that I didn’t even think about the possibility that it may still taste good. It did. So I asked him “How are you going to eat it?” and he said “With a straw!”

We all lost it. Laughing but intrigued, that is what we did. The pie plate went in the middle and everyone got a straw and a fork. It was a great moment.

I have remembered very few pies that have turned out perfectly the way I remember that pie. Memories are often made by what goes wrong or is unplanned. Cherish those times. Help others to laugh when they “fail” by grabbing a straw and digging in!

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