Chunky Guac & Shrimp Salad


Some people might call this a “deconstructed” guacamole salad … all the ingredients are there but they still stand on their own: avocado, onion, pepper, jalapeno, and tomato. Toss in a little lime juice, fresh cilantro, salt and pepper. The shrimp top it off and it all sits on a layer of cottage cheese.

Are you a cottage cheese lover, or are you one who looks at it and wonders how anyone could actually want to eat it? I actually fall somewhere in the middle of these two categories. I fall into the “it depends on what you put with it” category. Lots of people eat it plain, with fruits and vegetables, with peanut butter and jelly, on toast or crackers. I’m getting there. I know it’s good for you (high protein dairy source, low-fat, reasonable calories), but I don’t crave it … yet.

This salad, however, I do crave. I saw a version of it on Pinterest when I was eating lunch after lunch after lunch on the bleachers at high school baseball games. Those hot, humid, long afternoons required something light, fresh and portable. And then there are those cold, windy, winter days where I just need a reminder that the sun will come out again. Luckily, the ingredients for this salad are readily available any time of year.


Chunky Guac & Shrimp Salad

Shrimp (cooking steps at Shrimp/Fish Tacos: Main Ingredient) or grilled chicken (diced)
Red Onion
Green Pepper
Red Pepper
Jalapeno (remove veins and/or seeds to reduce heat)
Fresh Cilantro
Fresh Limes (keep those avocado chunks green)
Salt & Pepper
Cottage Cheese

It’s really more of an ingredient list than a recipe. What’s great about that is you get to customize it:

  • more or less of an ingredient
  • how large/small you cut the vegetables (bigger cuts for bigger punches of flavor)
  • omit an ingredient (not the cottage cheese … it is so good)
  • BIG bowl or small plate
  • At home, at work, at a baseball game

I am grateful to Pinterest for inspiring so many of my dishes. While browsing through a cottage cheese search, a Roasted Beet and Cottage Cheese Toast recipe caught my eye. Guess I know what’s for lunch tomorrow!

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